Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Education (SAFE), Shimoga is a public Charitable Trust established on 12th August 1999 with profound reverence to the avowed objective of living up to the ideals of Sri. Aurobindo.

August 15, 1947 is not only a watershed in India's history as the day when India totally freed herself from all vestiges of foreign rule but also significant as it coincided with the 75th birthday of Sri Aurobindo, the beacon light of spiritual freedom and enlightenment. To him, education is a means to the discovery of the soul. He exhorted everyone to accomplish Love, Knowledge, Shakti and Ananda, Spirituality, Creativity and Intellectuality were, for him, the trinity of the Indian genius. His philosophy of education was empirical and the result of perceptive analysis and profound thought. According to Sri Aurobindo, the role of the teacher is to help the learner to achieve self-fulfillment.

As an educationist, he had an insight into the psyche of the child and the whole process of education. He declares that every child is an inquirer, an investigator, an analyzer, a merciless anatomist. It is his deep concern to man and children alike, his profound understanding of the Eastern and Western philosophy and scholarly translation of the commentaries on the Gita, the Upanishads and the Vedas that inspired us to name this Educational Trust after this noble son of India. It is therefore our serious endeavour to make our children live upto Sri Aurobindo's ideals.